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LYRICS: Joesami - Nso Nso & Chukwu bu ike || @joesammi1


Nso eh...nso(×2)
Oh oh oh oh
Nso eh...nso

You live in righteousness
Lord you've made me just like you
So pure n beautiful
You are more than eyes have seen,
No darkness found in you
You are more than ears have heard
Your kingdom will reign. ..papa
Your kingdom will reign...(speaking in tongues)

Verse 2
We enthrone the king of kings
Nso nso....
Exalt and lift him high Nso nso..
So we bow in adoration
Nso nso...
Singing praises to 'ur' name
Nso nso...
Glory glory in the highest,Hallelujah we will sing(×2)
We adore....you.
Yes sir

Call:Hallelujah we will sing
Res:Holy holy is our God
Call;Holy..ye ye ye is our God oh oh
Holy..ye ye ye,holy is our God
We bow down to worship you.

Verse 3;
From the raising of the sun
Till the going down of the same
Holy holy is our God(×2)
Res:Nso nso...


See the future...
Like a rainbow
Songs of praises
In trails time
No retreating. ..
No surrender. .
Spread your wings...
In victory.... 
Arise and shine,
Its your time,
The storm is over..
Shout for joy....

Chukwu bu ike 
You're my strength
Chukwu bu ike 
You're my comfort
Chukwu bu ike 
You're my everything 
Res;I testify....
onu kurunjo ge kun ma
All;Everything I've ever want is you

Verse 2;
You're a child of signs and wonders
Take a look and u will see
The glory of the lord is writen all on you
Since he laid his life for you
You're a carrier of his presence
He's the lifter of our soul,yea!!
You're light of the world
You're born to make a difference 
He lives in you..
(Repeat chorus)

Le le le le le le...(×8)(till fade)
Adlip; Lele...oh he's my strength
Lele oh my defender
Lele oh he's my everything
Lele...oh he lifts me up when I'm down
Lele...lelelele...oh my deliverer 
He's my hero

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LYRICS: Joesami - Nso Nso & Chukwu bu ike || @joesammi1 LYRICS: Joesami - Nso Nso & Chukwu bu ike || @joesammi1 Reviewed by Dannybellz Jackson on December 07, 2017 Rating: 5

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