Friday, 17 November 2017

MUSIC: Gold Anuli - Babaa (Ft. Dare Justified) @Goldanuli

3years back since she released her last single KULIENU, singer, songwriter, music producer, pianist and voice coach Gold Anuli is back with a new single BABAA.

Talking about the song, she wrote.
"Babaa is a comeback song for me 3years after KULIENU, and it honestly is not my creation. Though I'm a songwriter but I would not take the credit for writing this song. By this I mean that I simply woke one morning hearing the verses. Clearly sung music with lyrics and all. I simply recorded what I heard into a phone with my sleep ridden voice. The chorus is a popular praise song and I didn't conjure up that combination either. It so happened that I was highly overjoyed that morning as I listened to the rough recording on the phone, and as I sang the verses continously, the chorus showed up like a medley. I caught onto that as well and voila. The only creatively written parts of this song are the coda "you are worthy of praise" and the bridge (Dare's part) both of which I believe were equally inspired otherwise it wouldn't sound so good. About Dare, He's a really anointed minister, I was already thinking of featuring him, when a close friend whom I'd never told anything about it suggested to do same, so I thought, this is it. It's an honor to be a channel to bring this lovely tune and many more to the ears of many. To God be the glory always."
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