Monday, 18 December 2017

ARTICLE: Is God “Raining” In Our Hearts? by Darlene Thorne

Today it’s raining and it brings to mind our Father’s creation. He made the heavens and earth and everything. Then He made man and said that it was “very good.” As I looked at the rain, I noticed it fell everywhere; it did not have a preference as to where it would land. The rain does not have a choice where it lands; it just goes everywhere, sometimes where we don’t want it. It messes up a painting left outside by our children by mistake and causes sadness. It falls on the newly seeded grass and washes it away, making it necessary to have to repeat the process. This brought to mind our lives.
In our lives, we should not be so much like the rain. You know sometimes we may speak some things that are better left unsaid or do something intentionally to hurt someone and act as though it were a mistake. Can you imagine a Christian doing such a thing?! Yes, we are not all spirit; we sometimes do act out in the flesh and have to repent for it later. This can cause damage to the kingdom and create a poison that did not exist before. We have to go back and repair the damage. But just like the picture that was left out in the rain, you may be able to dry it out and touch it up, but it is never the same. The Bible is so explicit when the Lord tells us to be slow to speak and quick to hear so we don’t do damage that may not be able to be repaired.

But don’t think that rain is all bad. Just as the rain can do damage in some instances, it also has its advantages. It waters the lawn, it refreshes a hot day, it gives irrigation to the farmer and he saves a little money on his water bill. It brings calmness to an otherwise hectic day. You notice people are not always walking in the rain, they may spend time inside taking care of things that had been put off for months.

We can take note from the rain. As we spend time in God’s presence we will be like the rain in that no matter where we go, we can bring hope to a possibly terminal situation, we can cause someone to be watered with the word and challenged to make a change. We can assist someone in their spiritual walk with God and promote growth. Our lives can impact everyone we touch, just like the rain.