Thursday, 19 April 2018

[ARTICLE] Something I Learnt From My Pastor ~ Nathaniel Bassey

Award winning singer/songwriter and Renowned Worship Leader,
Nathaniel Bassey shares an inspiring story of some things he learnt from his late Pastor and Mentor, "Pastor Eskor Mfon".
"God is too wise. In fact, He is wisdom. When He speaks, please listen." ~ He said.
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"I remember my late Pastor and Mentor, Pastor Eskor Mfon, asking a newly wedded couple when they wanted to have children, and the reply of the lady was, they wanted to take their time, enjoy themselves and have their baby? And He was like, “Please have your children right away”. He let them know how that option has not always played out well for some folks. And He encouraged them to do so. That stuck with me since then. Now here’s my own opinion. One thing has always guided me. WHAT IS GOD SAYING? If God says NOW, it’s gotta be now. If He says wait. He sure knows why He says so.
When we read this line in the Bible, “....Not My will but thine be done..” I have always believed that applies to every SINGLE AREA OF LIFE.!Problem is we sometimes compartmentalize our lives when it comes to things of God. We believe and accept God is certain areas, and in some we say things like “LET’S BE REAL, LET’S FACE REALITY” etc. I ask folks sometimes , “what reality is more real than the word of God?” He is either Lord of all, or non. So dear young man or woman, When God says it’s time to have a baby, please just believe Him and have it right then. He sees what you are not seeing. When He says wait, then wait. When He says MARRY. Don’t tell Him I want to have my masters first. Also, If He says, Have the masters first, don’t marry. At the end of the day I have discovered His will does us good. They are actually for our benefit. God is too wise. In fact, He is wisdom. When He speaks, please listen."