Thursday, 26 April 2018

[EVENT] Must Read: What is switch Concert all about?

What is switch Concert all about?
Why do we want to hold such a concert?
Where is our target?
What will be the output after the input?

SWITCH is our maiden concert, every member of FOREWAY MUZIK In agreement want to reach out to people via their gifts, seeing life changed, transformed and souls reunited for Christ. We thought of how best to do this, how best can burdens be lifted,and erased. WE saw music, teaching and acting as a tool to use, and effectively transmit this information to the entire world not just RIVERS STATE OR NIGERIA. This concept then birthed SWITCH,  because we want to see people switch from one bad habit to a very good one, switch from fear to boldness, from nothing to something,.

Switch from dryness of realization to well of activation.  Many young youths, are getting weird today not because, they can't get freedom but because, they have been stucked and ducked in a lie, fear and poor teaching. If there's anything that inspires people, is them watching you live a good life, and teaching the right thing. Truth is final. It can't be changed. Everything about SWITCH lies in knowing the truth turned a lie. Music is a tool to affect souls, Acting demonstrates true life stories, spoken words react into the membrane of mankind, sink in and make positive effects, Dance is a tool of expression.#SWITCH

Where is our target and what will be the output of switch? 
Now, haven given you details about switch, our target this year is in the University and this time, we are right there at one of your universities close to you, as the venue unveils soon. IN the universities you have youths, great minds,. We cannot afford to take a U-TURN from there now, yes, I hear rightly in my mind that one day, SWITCH be hosted on the STREET, for beggars, disabled people, and the forgotten. But,  now it's in the universities. The output of this program is to see lives massively transformed and changed like we said earlier. 

We are ministers called out to perform a duty and that's best known, selected and chosen by God. It's an ART MINISTRY, every tool of art will be applied to make sure lives are changed for good. This year SWITCH is tactically, based on three dimensions, The MindShift, The MusicShift, and The SpiritualShift. Be our supporter, you can speak of it, post of it, tell people of it, rally with us, put it in your social media, also,  you can book for your T-Shirt,.

God bless@Ab_Richmond
[10:26AM, 4/18/2018] Ab-richmond: SWITCH DETAIL by Abraham Richmond Wali