Tuesday, 24 July 2018

MUSIC: Promise Eshinandu - We Are Victorious


Promise Chinonso Eshinandu from lmo state has released this new single titled WE ARE VICTORIOUS which gives us the assurance that no matter the level of challenges we are facing in our lives, we are victorious over them. The song equally revealed how great our God is.

Hallelujah we are victorious,
Our generation, shall praise you Jehovah,
In time of trouble, we are unshakable; unbeatable forever more. 2x

Verse 1
You're my future, you're my destiny, my defender you're the Lord,
From ages to ages,
You reign forever more,
My salvation, you're king oh oh.....

Repeat Chorus 2x.

Verse 2
We are bowing to Jehovah the maker,
Full of compassion, mercy and grace,
We are partakers in the sonship of Jesus,
Hallelujah we shall reign praise God

Repeat Chorus 2x.

Verse 3
You're Jehovah the Pilar of fire,
Ancient of days the lion of Judah,
Glory to Jesus the maker of the whole word,
Hallelujah we are kings oh oh

Repeat Chorus 2x.